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In How Many Types Does A Processor Heatsink Categorize?

by Vern

Engineers are manufacturing different types of heat sinks which have different benefits and uses, to select the right type of heat sink for cooling electrical devices there are many types in which a processor heatsink is categorized depending on airflow, use of water, material, and manufacturing process.

If you are unaware of these types and want to know details about them then you can look forward to the given article.

Heat Sinks That Are Categorized By Airflow

Heat Sink that is categorized by airflow is the following:

Passive Heat Sink

The passive heat sink is more reliable than the active solution, passive Heat sinks don’t depend on forced airflow. A passive Heat sink removes heat from heat-generating components to the enclosure wall. The walls of the passive Heat sink consist of a fin array that is exposed to the outside air.

Active Heat Sink

An active heat sink consists of a powered device like a fan or blower that exchange heat from one surface to another. Active heat sink work when forced air is passed across the fin area which makes thermal dissipation more successful.

Heat Sink Categorized By Material

Heat sinks that are categorized by material are mostly made up of aluminum and copper.

Aluminum Heat Sink

As we know aluminum is lightweight and can easily manufacture. Aluminum is cost-effective which makes it ideal for the heat sink. Aluminum limits the distance to remove heat away from the heat source.

Aluminum Heat Sink

Copper has a thermal conductivity of 400w/m-K.We use copper in the heat sink when it needs a performance boost. The disadvantage of copper is that it is 3 times heavier than Aluminum, and also works slower than Aluminum.

Heat Sink Categorized By Use of Water

Heat sink that is categorized by use of water or Liquid Heat Sink That Is Pumped is following

Solid Metal Heat sink

The all-metal heat sink has a base, in which it absorbs heat, and heat is dissipated from the fin array into the surrounding air. The base and fin of a solid heat sink can be made up of different materials like copper and aluminum.

Pumped Liquid Type Heat Sink

Heat sinks that use pumped liquid, in which fin and array are remote to the heat source. A liquid heat pump is a cold plate attached to a heat source, which in return made the fin array also cooled

Heat Sink in Two Phases

Heat Sink in two phases consist of heat pipes and a vapor chamber that can boost performance. Heat pipes move heat from a source to a remote fin array while the vapor chamber spread the heat across the base of the local fin array.

Heat Sink by Manufacturing Process

In terms of manufacturing, the heat sink has the following types:

Die Cast Typed Heat Sink

For volume production, the heat sink provides the facility with a low unit cost and is referred to as a die-cast heatsink.

Zipper Fin Type Heat Sink

If you want such a heat sink that is not only low weight but also allows the availability of packed dense fins, the zipper fin heat sink is the best choice for you.

Bonded Fin Type Heat Sink

Bonded fin heatsink is preferred where a large-sized heat sink is required. Moreover, users are allowed to choose the base material of their desire.

Extruded Typed Heat Sink

The most cost-effective type of processor heatsink is extruded heatsink. The most amazing fact about this type is that it offers a fully flexible design to the users without the involvement of any secondary operation.


If your CPU heatsink has been broken down and in place of it you want a new one. But you do not know about it as in the market there are many types of CPU heatsinks. As each type has its feature so to know what type of CPU heatsink will be perfect for your computer you can get all the help from the article presented above.

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