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What Determines Laser Welding Machine Prices

by Vern

Using a laser beam to melt and fuse materials is called laser welding. Along with other industries including aerospace, medicine, and others, it is frequently employed in the production of electrical gadgets.

So, a laser welder price depends on a number of things. Below are a few of them.

Laser Power

Like any other machine tool, the price will increase as the required power increases. While practically any material can be sliced through by the most potent lasers, there are numerous other lasers that can be used for welding and cutting. You should spend more money on a high-end model with a high laser power setting if you need to cut through thick materials or perform ongoing cutting tasks.

The size of the machine

Because it will affect how much you can utilize the laser welding machine, size is crucial. You need a larger machine if you wish to weld massive metal components. A little laser welder, on the other hand, will work just fine for small jobs.

Does It Have Automatic Beam Adjustment and Control?

Some lasers offer automatic beam adjustment and control features that enable you to make changes to the settings as needed without having to stop what you are doing in order to manually adjust or change them. By eliminating the need to stop between each stage to manually alter settings, this guarantees that your job will always be completed correctly without any mistakes or errors and saves time.

What Type of Laser Does It Use?

CO2 and fiber optic lasers are the two types of lasers utilized in laser welding equipment. Because they don’t need an additional cooling system like CO2 lasers do, fiber optic lasers are smaller and simpler to utilize. They aren’t as strong, however, and aren’t recommended for welding stronger metals like steel or aluminum since they can’t penetrate those materials well enough to form a solid bond.

What Is Its Duty Cycle?

A laser welding machine’s typical duty cycle ranges from 30% to 50%. This indicates that if you operate your machine continuously at maximum capacity, it will endure for 30% to 50% of the recommended hours. Running time is another name for this. The higher the duty cycle rating, the longer it will be before your equipment needs maintenance or replacement parts.

Where Is It Made?

There are numerous nations across the world that make laser welders, including China, Japan, and Germany (among others). However, China produces the majority of laser welders because of its cheap labor costs, which enable Chinese manufacturers to provide their products at lower prices than those of their competitors in other nations.


Each laser welding machine should be selected based on the requirements of its intended use. When compared to manual machines with a large format, the cost will be lower if it is an automatic machine. Power and working area rank first among the factors used to calculate the price. Although it may seem simple, the parameters of any laser welding machine will decide its price.

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