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What you Should Expect from the Huawei Monster Eyewear II?

by Vern

With technological events, you can find all the latest gadgets that make your life a lot easier. Among those advancements are the smart glasses that offer you endless possibilities. Huawei has also expanded its business ecosystem by the introduction of gentle monster eyewear2 in the market. So, what does the Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear II offers?

Key Features for Huawei Monster Eyewear II

Here is a brief account of what you should expect if you buy Huawei eyewear II.

Dashing Looks

One of the Huawei monster eyewear II is the elegant design that makes it stand out from its competitors. Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear II is Korean-designed luxury eyewear that makes you look like a celebrity. Two common designs are available for the sunglasses variant that includes smart Myma and smart Lang. Owing to their unisex nature, any gender can easily wear them. The Myma version looks somewhat feminine.

Elegant Design

The glass frame is made up of titanium-and plastic-coated material that gives it a shiny luster. The monster eyewear II glasses are somewhat heavier as compared to conventional glasses mainly because of sophisticated hardware needs. Apart from that, you can get a gorgeous leather box that allows you to carry your eyewear anywhere you like with ease and comfort. Both variants of gentle monster eyewear II glasses look quite dashing and are dependent on your choice and taste.

Software Compatibility

The Gentle Monster eyewear II is equipped with many features that make it look simply amazing. The most amazing feature is that it is both iOS and Android compatible. It allows you the freedom to integrate with both operating systems at ease.

Built-in Speaker and Gesture Advancements

Besides that, it has a built-in speaker that allows you to listen and answer calls with swipe or tap gestures. Being equipped with a speaker makes it lack the privacy of conversations especially if you are sitting in a pub or café. Besides that, you can listen to your favorite songs on the go. There are four different functionalities of play/pause, volume adjustment, and Siri, Google voice assistance. These functionalities can also be accessed by tap or swipe gestures.

Superb Battery Life

Like most wireless devices, the Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear II is also equipped with an amazing battery life of 5 hours. The battery life is considered one of the best considering the smart eyewear niche. Using the NFC technology, you can charge your Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear II at lightning speed.

Final Verdict

Considering a market revolution of smart eyewear, Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear II can be considered as a complete package deal for you. You can look amazing wearing them while enjoying innovative functionalities that you haven’t witnessed before. The Gentle Monster eyewear II is both iOS and Android compatible that making it easier to use on both OS. You can also attend calls or listen to your favorite songs with just a few taps and swipes. With the Gentle Monster eyewear 2, you can explore the world of technological advancement as you’ve never experienced before.

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