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Best Ways to Subscribe to Newsletter and Have Tidy Inbox

by Vern

Every time you are asked by your favorite brand store to subscribe to a newsletter, you start wondering that whether you want to subscribe to newsletter or not. Subscribing to that newsletter is surely a necessity if you are following a brand or a person who you like to know more about on daily basis. So, why is there a hesitation? The prime reason behind this thinking is a cluttered inbox where it becomes quite difficult for you to find relevant emails either from work or family. So, how can you have both a tidy inbox and favorite newsletter all at the same time? To know more, read ahead!

Getting Your Inbox Tidier in No Time

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you keep your inbox decluttered and at the same time help you manage your newsletters.

Mobile Application for Newsletter Reading

Are you an avid mobile or tablet user? If the answer is yes, some amazing tools can help you with your cluttered inbox issues. One of the easiest ways is to use applications that are readily available on both iOS and Android platforms that can help you get newsletters separately instead of your inbox. These applications allow you to have a customized email on your domain. By using those domain email addresses, you can easily sign up for different newsletters of your choice and liking in just a few clicks. The overall process is similar to the one that you use for your address. By doing so, you can have all the emails going directly into the domain-specific email address instead of going to your email address.

Browser-Based Newsletter Reading

Besides, the regular newsletter reading from the app or your email, there is another option at your disposal. It requires an internet browser to access your newsletter feed in no time. For those of you who prefer a minimalistic approach to keeping apps and prefer having a tidy inbox, this is the best bet for you. Most of these websites offer similar functionalities like that of the newsletter reading apps but do not require the installation of an app on your mobile phones or tablets. However, the core concept behind it is the same as that of an app which is to provide you with an easy-to-use user interface that can help you browse all the newsletters at the earliest. Further, some websites allow you with the segregation of different publishers and stores that allows you to easily skim through the relevant information in no time. Isn’t that easy enough?

Final Verdict

Newsletters are necessary for today’s world. They provide you with news and information that can help you keep updated and informed. However, with the influx of the massive number of newsletters, it can become quite difficult for you to manage your inbox and some of the important emails might become difficult to find in the clutter. For that, you can either opt for applications or websites that help you keep newsletters in another email address.

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