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When Is The Worst Time to Get The Worst Laptop Deals?

by Vern

Getting the best laptop deals is crucial for anyone who wants to buy a laptop – an old or new user. Most times when we want to buy a computer, the price is the main factor that hinders us and makes us reduce our desired specifications for our laptops to get cheaper prices. Generally, laptops cost between $500 and $2000, depending on the features and qualities of the computer. 

Because of the price ranges of laptops globally, it’s understandable that you want discounts on laptops. As long as you’re not greedy with the type of discount you want, discounts are possible. On platforms like Amazon, you may receive discounted offers if you’re a prime member of the platform. Likewise, there are available special offers on days like Black Friday usually falling towards the end of November. 

While there are times when you can get lovely laptop deals, there are also times when you shouldn’t consider buying a laptop. During this period, the chances that you’ll get a laptop at a reasonable price are very slim. This is probably because the times and season have passed for discounts. While there is no specific date for discounted laptops, there are periods when you shouldn’t try to buy a computer. This period includes; 

After a significant discount period

There are many reasons why popular TV brands globally give discounts from time to time. It may be because of the release of newer laptop models or an update on the processors of older laptops. When this happens, they try to get rid of the older models. However, when this period is over, you shouldn’t expect any form of discount. That’s because reputable laptop brands don’t inflate the prices of laptops – they give good value for their computer. That means after a major discount on older products, they have probably lost some money. As a result, you wouldn’t expect them to give any discount on the new products. 

Early summer periods

Early summer periods between May and June aren’t the best times to buy a laptop. During this period, the demand for laptops is usually lower. Mostly, the demands for laptops usually rise from midsummer till summer ends. That’s between July till September. During this period, students are resuming in their numbers, and as usual, they need the best laptop deals to help with their education. During this period, thoughtful producers of laptops prefer to arrange attractive discounts to reduce the financial burden of getting these laptops for children. The discounts for students can sometimes be heavy, and as a result, giving any form of a discount before this period is almost impossible for laptop producers  to offer discounts 

Anytime before black Friday sales

Black Friday is a general promotional period where different brands give a lot of discounts on their products. These discounts can last for days, and in some cases, weeks. For laptop brands to prepare for successful deals during this period, they can’t give so many discounts before the period comes. 


If you want to get the best laptop deals, you may need to wait for the best periods when students resume and during black Friday sales. However, some trackers can help you check the trend of prices, like Camelcamelcamel for Amazon. 

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